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Organize, Track and Manage Your Sponsored Content & Guest Posts

If you are a publisher that leverages sponsored guest posts and premium content to generate revenue then you know how frustrating it can be to manage clients, multiple price points, payments, due dates and keep track of what’s owed and who’s paid. 

The Guest Post Plugin is the only plugin of it’s kind that will allow you to track and manage all of your sponsored guest posts and premium content inside of WordPress admin.  Find out who your best partners are by filtering who has published with you the most.  Easily see how much money you are owed at any given time.  Someone hasn’t paid on time?  You can have their post unpublished on any date according to your publishing guidelines. 

A Professional Plugin For Blogs That Offer Guest Posts & Sponsored Content Campaigns.

Plugin Features

Unlimited Clients

Track and manage unlimited clients be it Marketing Firms, Brands or SEO Companies

Manage Clients

Manage all of your paying guest post clients through the main posts page

Payments Due

Track and manage all of your paid guests posts where payments are due & money is owed

Set Pricing

Add individual pricing for each guest post which provides flexibility for adjusting the price for each post

Set Due Date

If you have strict publishing guidelines, you can set the due date of when payment should be made.

Get Notified

If sponsored posts remain unpaid by their due date, you will get daily reminders of clients who haven't paid

Auto Unpublish

Auto-set the post status after payment due date. Helps ensure payments are received when due

Admin Only

Restrict other user profiles from viewing this plugin module in the backend of WP.

Value Adds

*You can mark the post as sponsored
*We include more than 50 different currencies.

Client Testimonials

Why Do Our Users Love PCP?

The Guest Post Plugin saved our lives, literally. We tried forcing clients to pay up front but that didn't work. Just having 10 clients became a challenge to manage. This plugin saved the day.
We write articles on behalf of our clients and use this plugin to keep track of the work we do for each client. We obviously don't display a blog but the info is there and tracked for us.
I love this plugin because it's easy to use and helps me receive payments quicker. When clients know their posts will be unpublished if payment isn't received on time, they usually pay on time. Great plugin.
I love this plugin. I don't know what I would do without it. The email reminders of payments that are due are so important and allows me to easily stay on top of payments when I have so many other things going on.
Before finding this plugin, we were looking for a custom solution and were quoted well over 10k. The Guest Post Plugin does everything it say's it will and support is great.


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