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Easily Manage All Your Sponsored Guest Posts

We created this plugin to help thousands of blog owners and other online publishers track and manage their guest posts. Imagine having 15, 20 or even 50 different clients publishing to your blog at any given time each month. You've negotiated different pricing with some of them. Some are given a longer period in which to pay. How do you easily track and manage all of this? How do you know how much you've earned with your sponsored guests posts each month versus your other revenue channels? What do you do when your client hasn't paid on time? We've got an incredible and viable solution for you.
“We'd be screwed without this plugin. We went from basically zero guest posts to 20+ per month within 60 days. Not easy to manage without a tool like this. ”

frequently asked question

What is Guest Post Plugin?

It is a must have plugin for any publisher or brand that accepts sponsored guest posts.

How does it work?

When you receive an order, you can add the clients details and mange the order.

We have several writers on our team.

Perfect. This plugin can manage their own sales so that you know what you owe them each month.

How do I know who owes me?

You can choose to receive an automated email each day showing outstanding payments.

Can I track payments?

While collecting the fee is up to you, the plugin will track and calculate all sales with downloadable reports via CSV export.

What is "unpublished" mean?

If a client doesn't pay for the guest post by a certain date, the content will be automatically unpublished until payment is received.
Still have a question? Contact us: support@guestpostplugin.com
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